Riders of the Winds, Current Membership 


Lady Katrin Bjarnarsdottir

Lady Iolair Durfee

Lord Phelan Durfee

Lady Maeve Durfee

Falconius Turdus Electus

Lord Toke Ormsson



Riders of the Winds, originated in Spring 2003

            Premiere Members

Lady Iolair Durfee

Lady Maeve Durfee

HL Katrin Bjarnarsdottir (Marshall)

               Charter Members

Lord Kenrick

Lord Phelan

Lady Delphine de la Foret Verte

      Lady Joilyn

Lady Lavina la Rider

Horse Members - Two Sox, Blazes, Copper, Shadow, Moonie, Oreo  

             Honorary Members

Lord Yamashiro Kato

Lady Alianora Jehanette de Olmandiers

Lordship Alric the Tall

Martin of Spinning Winds

Honorary Horse Members - Ginger, Spice, Belle, Dot, Cass and unnamed baby