Shire of Spinning Winds History
         The  group started gathering together in summer of 75 as Ed stated. The groups name was chosen in the spring of 75.  Asta and Jason were returning from Ft.Riley discussing names for the group when they were caught in a storm.  They looked up to see the clouds rotating and forming a tornado,
 thus The Shire of Spinning Winds. 
         Decenber 31, 1977 the first letter was sent to the BOD and Middle Kingdom asking for the Group to become a Shire.  10/10/1978 the Shire of Spinning Winds was approved by the BOD.
          In designing the device we have, it has special significance.  The Middle was asked for permission to use the Cross and Laurel design at the top.  The seven Pile bare are the 6 national member and one non national member.
   The seven members were Lord Jason di Westershire (Jay Stewart, Ft.Riley), Stan Li Sun (Stan Wilson), Lady Asta Suartr Gandr (Diana Dunn), Anamdraig (?mundane), Lord Leric Speltighe (Sam Mize)and one of these three were the 6 national members Vicki, Auron or Dan Brock.  Ed Hoover was the non member at that time.
   Of these members I think the only one still active is Ed.  The following year membership picked up as people learned about the group and associated it with the Ren Fest in KC.
   The Seneschal for the Middle Kingdom at that time was Rory O'Tomoair.  The Earl Marshal was located in Canada and Herr Brummbar was the deputy Marshal for the area.  Our groups interests at that time were musicians, brewers and a couple fighters.       
   Sept 1978 we became an approved organization with KSU.   
   Feb 1979 was ur first event called the Feast of the Winter Dragon  Leric received a "Purple Fret"
   Fall of 1979 the dance guild was formed.  12 national members listed.
   June 1981 The Middle Kingdom’s Royal progress went to Lawrence and 3 AOA's were given to Spinnings winds
   July 1981 Spinning Winds Song written.  It is to the tune of the military army song
       Submitted by my hand this 10th day of Jan 2012
                 Katrin Bjarnarsdottir