The Shire of Spinning Winds is the Manhattan branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism  (SCA)‚ a nonprofit, educational organization whose members research and re-create the arts and skills of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (600-1600AD). 

Join us for a trip back in time. Be a part of reliving the middle ages. Swing a sword, hear the twang of the bow as your arrow soars toward it's target. Experience the rush of a battle won. The feel of the wind in your hair as you charge down the list toward your jousting opponent.  

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The Shire of Spinning Winds was created to promote history and to recreate the middle ages. We demonstrate the chivalry of days of old in our actions and interactions. There is something for everyone, and we have alot of fun! Join us by becoming a member of our Facebook or Yahoo groups, Shire of Spinning Winds.
Image taken by Terry Szel

Copyright © 2013 Terry Szel. Used with permission.